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Book a Ps test Goulburn

Would you like to get your driver's license?

A car license is essential if you want to drive on public roads and not rely on other people, Taxis or Ubers all the time. It’s recommended that everyone should get their driver’s license because you never know when you might need it. You can begin your process today. For this Book a Ps test today!



We have expert instructors who offer the best for our students.

  • Registration for the theoretical exam
  • Document translations
  • Several hundred Safe Driving classes
  • Preparation classes for the theoretical exam
  • Driving lessons
  • Cars checks and follow-up for driving test


​What are the steps in the process?

Our team of professionals and instructors will help you step by step in the process of Book a Ps test. We start with your schedule for theoretical testing and document verification. We will also register you for the courses and offer you the tools to prepare. After taking the theoretical knowledge test, with us you can schedule or book Ps test. Our instructors help you prepare at this stage with classes designed to learn the test routes, learn the vocabulary used by inspectors, eliminate addictions, parking practices, and necessary maneuvers.


Preparation of documents and courses
  • Make an appointment
  • Courses at school
  • Identification documents
  • Conduct tests
Theoretical knowledge test
  • Eye exam
  • Theoretical questions
  • Get a permit
Test drive
  • Make an appointment
  • Documentation
  • Conditions of the car
  • Preparing for the exam
  • Basic and critical skills

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Our Packages

We also offer different packages for different students, So don’t worry about the high budget now!


Students who know how to drive

Even students who already drive take a hands-on preparation class at this stage designed to learn the test routes, learn the vocabulary used by inspectors, and eliminate addictions, parking practices, and necessary maneuvers.


Students who do not know how to drive

We have different driving lesson packages based on your driving skills. Our instructors will work to help you progressively improve your skills.


What documents are required for the theoretical knowledge test?

It is necessary to provide personal identification documents and documents proving residency. The types of documents required will depend on the applicant’s status in Australia. Immigrants without legal status will need the documents on the “Drive Only License” list and everyone else will need the documents on the “Regular License” list.

Foreign documents are must be translated into English. But also original documents are sent along with the translation.

Immigrants without legal status will not be able to transfer licenses even if they qualify for a Drive Only driver’s license. They should begin the process of getting their license out from the beginning.


To begin your process to obtain a driver’s license, click on the “Book your lesson” button or find the Book a Ps test options.



What to expect the day you take the theoretical knowledge exam?

When you arrive, go to the theoretical knowledge test area. Since you have an appointment, you don’t have to wait in the main queue. The agents are there will verify your documentation and refer you to the vision exam. People with vision problems may have a form previously signed by an ophthalmologist so that they do not have to take the exam.

After the eye exam, an agent will take the theoretical exam on a computer. The test has several questions.

When you pass both tests, then the officials will mail you your permit. If you are applying for a normal driver’s license, you will also be provided with a hard copy of the permit.


How to pass the theoretical driving test?

Here are few tips to pass the theoretical driving test.

Do not dismiss the theoretical part

Since the theory is the basis of driving, it is necessary to devote the necessary time to study the code. Although some questions can be answered using common sense, there are many details that are only known if it has been studied enough.

Do tests and more tests

Practicing with tests equal or similar to those that will have to be done on the day of the exam is the best way to prepare. In addition to learning the theory, it is important to know the particularities about how the questions and answers are formulated type test.

Attend face-to-face classes

It is preferable to attend face-to-face classes. In this way, it is possible to understand the content well.

Read the questions well

On the day of the exam, it is important to be relaxed and focused. In order not to make any mistakes, all the questions and answers must be carefully read to choose the right option.


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