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Knowing how to drive is not so simple for everyone. Therefore, the driving schools focused on instructing you how to drive in a better way. Here we explain some benefits you will get by taking our driving courses.

Learn to Drive has become a necessity for thousands of people. Whether it’s moving over short or long distances, knowing how to drive is beneficial to save a person’s time and money. However, learning how to do it might not be so easy for everyone.

When it comes to learning to drive, some beginners often ask family or close friends for advice. However, these people do not always have the patience and time to give driving lessons.

For this reason, driving schools have been created, which have trained personnel to teach driving. Our driving schools offer customized courses, depending on the needs of the interested party.


Benefits of learning to drive with our driving school

  • Safety is the main benefit offered by our driving schools. Most vehicles, used in learn-to-drive courses, are equipped with a two-pedal configuration with a set of clutches and spare brakes that the instructor can use in case of an emergency. This makes it possible to avoid accidents when learning.
  • In addition, our professional instructor is trained to teach the future driver traffic signs and road safety measures during the practical lesson and in the theoretical session, which is very important when traveling through the streets of cities.
  • Similarly, our driving school tends to adapt to the pace of the apprentice. Our learn-to-drive courses are generally classified into basic, intensive and advanced, which are taught depending on the needs of the user interested in learning.
  • Our experts don’t just teach practical aspects, they also teach theory such as mechanics, car maintenance, and the basics of traffic regulations.
  • By including theory in the classes, we help prevent drivers from acquiring bad driving habits, since from the beginning you will have a good training where they will be told what to do and what not to do, likewise, the driver will receive precautionary or prevention advice, adds Conduce Fácil.
  • Our driving school believes in gives the driver more knowledge about the basic mechanics of the vehicle.
  • Our learn-to-drive courses teach everything from how to change a tire to what dashboard lights mean and many other.
  • With our experienced instructor, you as a learner feel safer when driving for the first time.


Learning to drive is not always easy, so we leave you some tips to achieve the goal.


Tips to learn how to drive

For many learning to drive has been quite a feat, while for others it has not been so difficult, in the end, many factors influence, from age, temperament, instructor, and more.

For all those who are at that point in their life, we leave you some tips to learn how to handle and make this task less complicated.


Familiarizing yourself with the car

Knowing the car that is going to be driven from the most basic will be of great help since this will allow you to feel safer.

According to information, the driver must be sure to understand what each control is for, from the pedals (accelerator, brake, and clutch, if included), through the buttons on the steering wheel, the dashboard, and even the icons and information spotlights.


Sitting properly

A correct position will give you comfort and control when learning to drive many experienced drivers do not use the correct position, which in many cases generates accidents. Not all cars are the same size, as well as us, it is important to look for the right position.


Avoid distractions

Once you find yourself with the theoretical knowledge and the right position, one of the recommendations is to avoid distractions while driving, they explain on the site Car and Bike.


Good steering wheel position

There is no single way to take the wheel, but for those who are in the process of learning to drive, the idea is to take the steering wheel in a position of “9 o’clock and 3 o’clock” or “10 o’clock and 2 o’clock”, this referring to the clockwise position. It is important to hold the steering wheel properly to have the best control of the steering and, in turn, of the car, also, feeling the comfort when taking the wheel will make you feel safe.


Practice a lot

“Practice makes the teacher”, that saying on this occasion is very true because learning to drive is one of the actions that require you to perform it constantly, to familiarize yourself more and more with what it means to go out on the streets or roads.


Keep distance from other drivers

This way of driving should be for all drivers, but for those who are starting it is even more important.

Maintaining a distance with the vehicle that comes forward will allow you to have a longer reaction time in case of any unforeseen event.


Staying calm

Learning to drive can generate a lot of nerves, it is normal, learning to perform a new activity that involves a lot of responsibility, is not always easy.

But despite the nerves or fear, it is best to stay calm, take preventive actions, and feel confident of the knowledge will be very helpful; it’s also important to trust yourself.





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