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Safer Driver Courses

Police Citizens Youth Club Goulburn is a Provider for the Safer Driver Course.

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Goulburn Driver Training

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Enroll in our drivers course and invest in a better future

You finally have the car of your dreams or you are very close to having it, but don’t you know how to drive? You have nothing to worry about, the truth is that no one was born driving. When we were little, our parents taught us to crawl and walk, then a teacher taught us to read, write, analyze and even think.


This is often the case at every stage of our lives, we always have someone who with patience and experience will teach us everything we need. That is why the most logical thing would be to have at your side a professional instructor. Now be trained and get qualified to drive that car that you have wanted so much. Below we will mention 5 advantages of taking the Drivers course that show that it is the best option for everyone when starting to drive;


Why take a driving class?

Driving is something that is learned step by step, that is the importance of complying with this process through which you can develop the necessary skills to take control of a vehicle. The goal of the Drivers course is to prepare you to know:

  1. It will allow you to be more aware of the dangers of driving and educate you to know the consequences of bad driving habits. It will allow you to avoid the trauma and emotional, financial, and psychological costs of accidents by preventing reckless and risky driving behaviours.
  2. With our Drivers course, You’ll feel safer when you take the wheel for the first time with an expert by your side who can also take control of the situation in case you make any mistakes. It will also help you have more confidence in yourself once you finish the course.
  3. It will teach you methods to maintain a positive attitude towards the wheel and avoid unnecessary stress, distractions, anger, and anger when driving.
  4. Beyond emphasizing the use of the driver’s and passengers’ seat belts, it also includes knowledge of other kinds of safety, such as airbags, child seats, and the proper use of head braces.
  5. You will know the safety systems fully and to be able to get the most out of your car., As well as help you understand the different signals that your car can give you differentiating them according to their severity.


What do you learn in driving courses?

The traffic signs are essential you have to learn them to take the theoretical driving test, but you do not have to learn them just for this. They are the most important concept you need to be clear about. Because they are the fundamental factor you need to follow in your daily life for your safety when you are on road.

When you take our drivers course you will learn questions such as the following:

Driving on streets, avenues, highways, parking in all forms, how to enter and exit a roundabout, etc.


What will our classes look like?

Contrary to what many might think, taking a driving class is not arriving and learning to skid, as we mentioned during the Drivers course you must be attentive, be patient and make the most of each indication.

What you can expect from our Drivers course;


Here you will get a brief explanation about what you will do and learn throughout the course. Also, learn valuable information that will help you know how your vehicle works and how to control it.



With which our instructor will be able to know more about the previous knowledge that you will have as well as know your skills and points to reinforce.



With which you will learn from how the dynamics in your vehicle work, to how to accommodate the seat to drive safely.



In addition to everything, you can learn theoretically, at one point you will arrive at practice and go out on tours driving a driving school.


The first step is to choose the drivers course that best suits your needs and budget. The ideal is that you connect with our experts, in this way you are informed about the courses we offer and the methods we use, in fact, you can consult online the opinions that other students have about it to make the best decision. Learning to drive is a process that takes a certain time, you have to develop the skills that you will have to use when sitting at the wheel.


So what do you expect? Don’t waste any more time. 


Book your driving lesson today with us, Contact us to know more!!